CV Multi Sign

Our MultiSign department designs and produces customer-oriented products. A design department, a production hall and, above all, a strong team make that litlle bit more that you might be looking for..

Here we give a not limited overview:

  • Dispays in wood, Dibond or acrylic
  • Signboard
  • Icons
  • ...

Our production machines

CV Multisign has an extensive machine park, so we can deliver your products from A to Z, with short delivery times. No subcontractors where things can go wrong, as CV Multisign we guarantee that your product will be made entirely indoors!

  • Machines
    • Flatbed printer with working area 2000mm x 3000mm
    • Automatic cutting table with working area 1500mm x 2800mm
    • Cutting plotter for media up to 1600mm
    • Printer for media with roll width 1600mm
    • Printer for media with roll width 640mm
    • Lasercutting and engraving machine workarea 600mm x 300mm
    • Lasercutting and engraving machine workarea 1000mm x 700mm
    • CNC router mill with working area 1300mm x 2500mm
    • CNC router mill with working area 1220mm x 1220mm
    • Resin machine with working area 540mm x540mm